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Dignity, Privacy and Respect

Dignity, Privacy and Respect

£25 (incl VAT)

By the end of this course you will feel confident:

- Understand the meaning of dignity, privacy and respect
- Describe relevant legislation and how it affects an organisation
- Be able to identify discrimination
- Be able to identify poor practice
- Describe how to support specific care needs
- Understand how you can implement change in order to improve care provided
- Describe how PCC fits in with dignity, privacy and respect

-Understanding what the digital world is, and how it is used by children.
-Learn about the opportunities available, and vulnerabilities to children in the digital world.
-Understand how to help children & young people in the digital world.
-Recognise the types of online risks that can effect children�s emotional wellbeing.
-Understand the views of young people in building resilience.

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